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As a pioneer of the outsourced face-to-face sales approach, DIRECT provides its clients with a unique opportunity to generate sales from customers at their residence or business. DIRECT has access to over 100 sales professionals across Jordan, which is why DIRECT has been instrumental in assisting numerous clients reach and influence their target audience through focused and effective in-person sales campaigns.

With unmatched speed-to-market, DIRECT can become your professional sales partner, mobilizing DIRECTís highly trained sales force in new markets or where there is no existing sales presence ó in virtually any region of the country. DIRECT is able to assist your business in reaching new customers and acquire new accounts, which will enable you to meet your goals.

DIRECT is second to none
Outsourcing a DIRECT professional sales force affords DIRECT clients the flexibility to institute an immediate, widespread, and aggressive sales campaign anywhere in the country without the investment of time required to recruit, train, and manage an in-house sales force. Let DIRECT take care of the sales force administration for you.

When speed-to-market is vital to keeping your competitive edge, no one else can execute a direct sales campaign and begin producing successful results faster than DIRECT.


DIRECT's in-person approach to marketing creates the most direct personal link between DIRECT clients and their potential or existing customers. DIRECTís sales representatives are trained to interact with customers in a friendly, courteous, and professional manner while responding to their questions or concerns. As compared to direct mail or telemarketing, a DIRECT representative will develop a rapport with a prospective a DIRECT

 representative will develop a rapport with a prospective customer and address their specific needs with the DIRECT advantage of visual demonstrations and product samples. DIRECT's thorough and knowledgeable sales presentations demonstrate the benefits of each product, generating new sales, reorders, and enhancing long-term client retention.

By gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace, an outsourced DIRECT sales campaign produces the rapid, dramatic, and continued success DIRECT clients are seeking.

DIRECT - A Compelling Alternative
Before investing in expensive ad campaigns, an in-house sales force, or adding retail stores with no guarantee of a return on investment, find out in weeks, not months, whether the DIRECT face-to-face sales approach is the best sales solution for your business. DIRECT can test a sales campaign in one or two markets and discover whether our sales channel will be profitable before expanding a DIRECT sales force to other territories.

DIRECTís Promise - Commission only on the successful results we produce

With other, more indirect, marketing methods such as direct mail, telemarketing, television, radio, magazines, and direct response campaigns, a significant investment is required - and more importantly, the investment must be made upfront. Conversely, DIRECT has always entered into performance-based contracts where the client pays only for the quantifiable results DIRECT produces. In addition, you will find out in weeks, not months, whether the DIRECT face-to-face sales approach is working for you.

DIRECT Clients - Local, & National Corporations
DIRECTís impressive list of clients consists of leaders from the telecom, financial institutions, quick serve restaurants, dine in restaurants and hotel chains. The caliber and diversity of DIRECTís client list, speaks to the value of a DIRECT marketing campaign - either on a regional or national scale.

DIRECT has maintained mutually beneficial professional relationships with valued clients since our company's inception in 1994.

DIRECT has made a significant impact in new customer acquisition and expanded product sales for DIRECTís distinguished clients in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. From DIRECTís inception in 1994 to year-end 2007, in Jordan alone, DIRECT has sold more than 350000 new service contracts to small business customers for our clients.

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