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The Power Of Outsourcing

Recruiting and training an in-house sales force requires a significant investment in time, administrative and managerial resources, and money. In the competitive world of business, DIRECT’s outsourced sales force offers a viable alternative with a speed-to-market that cannot be matched in-house.

Whether a company is seeking to broaden its customer base or increase sales revenues, outsourcing to DIRECT is the fastest and most cost-effective way to reach new customers at their homes or places of business.

Increase Sales
— DIRECT can extend your sales reach quickly and with dramatic results. Employ a DIRECT outside sales force for new customer acquisition, expanded product sales and client-retention campaigns to residential and small business customers.

Cost-Effective — A DIRECT outsourced sales force is more cost-effective than having to recruit, train and manage your own in-house sales representatives. In addition, DIRECT's performance-based contracts mean the client pays only for the successful results DIRECT produces.

Speed- to-Market — Launch a sales initiative in 4 weeks or less and capture new markets by being there first with a DIRECT outsourced sales team. DIRECT is able to gain a competitive advantage by rolling out a knowledgeable sales force quickly — across Jordan. DIRECT is everywhere you want to be.

— When new customer acquisition is not your core competency, look to the experts at DIRECT. DIRECT provides access to a professional sales force that is directed by Sales Consultants and Organizational Consultants– experts in business-to-business and business-to-consumer direct sales.


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